Monday, November 29, 2010

Making Money Now

If you are already selling on eBay; have you ever thought about selling on Amazon, you get different rates between the two depending on what you’re selling? Read on and I’ll explain the differences between the selling platforms.

If you have ever bought anything on Amazon, you may have seen the item offered by sellers too. There are individuals and businesses selling all kinds of goods on Amazon in the same way.

If you are selling on eBay it may be worth considering if you should also be selling on Amazon. It is safe to say that some items are better listed with eBay however Amazon might be the best choice for a different type of product. But there are many similarities between products selling well on both platforms.

What’s the difference?

The main difference between the sites is that eBay focuses mainly on the auction format whilst the Amazon Associates platform relies on a fixed price arrangement, although eBay also offers buy-it-now as a fixed price listing option.

Undoubtedly if you’re eager to shift something quick then the auction option is the best, although you may be disappointed with the end result if you haven’t set a reserve at the beginning of the sale.

For some businesses, especially those looking for a fixed price sale Amazon may be the preferred way forward especially if they are using this method on all their products. Even thought eBay is typically an auction site they’re moving more towards fixed price listings to compete more with the rise in Amazon’s market share in this area.

What are the Advantages?

There are some differences in the type of shoppers that use Amazon & eBay. eBayers tend to be the bargain hunters who will go to any lengths to find what they’re looking for cheaper, whilst Amazon shoppers tend to be more conventional, albeit looking for good value but at a fixed price. By selling on both sites you can take advantage of larger number of buyers that could potentially view and buy your products, giving you advantage over a number of your competitors and increasing your coverage.

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When I do a talk about entrepreneurship for students I regularly bring some money and hand it out. Not a lot, but more than enough to get them well on their way to launching their first business and becoming insanely rich. I also announce this at the beginning of my talk and usually they get pretty excited about the prospect of going some with some money. By the end of my talk I remind them of the money, I call it funding, I promised at the beginning of my talk. Then I hand out envelopes to the first 20 or 30 students that make it to the stage first. The envelope contains 1 euro or dollar, and my business card.

The proposition I make is simple; take my 1 euro or dollar and take 1 week to double it. Then use the two dollar and multiply that by two in the second week. After 21 weeks you’ve got your first million and after 28 weeks you are at 100 million. By week 31 you are a billionaire and after 7 week you are the richest person in the world. After 45 weeks you will own all the money in the world, and some change.

Part of the deal, and why my business card is in the envelope is that they have to agree to give me 1% of whatever they made after a year. I’m eagerly awaiting my first few billion from the first student to do well.

Of course I don’t expect any of those students to keep doubling their money week over week. What I do hope is that they will start thinking differently about making money. Most people dream big, and that is fine, unless those dreams stand in the way of actually making money. And making money can be very simple. So simple that you can get started on it right now. In fact, leave your email-address in the comment field and I will fund you your first euro, or dollar, to get started. All I ask in return is 1% of your newly gained wealth after a year.

If you can turn a dollar into 2 dollars you are successful in business. Now all you have to do is scale that.

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