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Online trading continues to grow tremendously inside prior several years. Any stock investor should work with a brokerage to help get into the stock requests.

Stock photos - Wine by Nakic

With the US economy still worsening and the stock market up and down like a yo-yo, investing in some American companies is more like playing Russian roulette than traditional investing normally is. With many US companies doing badly though, there are some companies struggling so much, if you're buying stock,you might want to avoid buying stocks in certain companies. Three of the companies, whose stocks you should consider carefully before buying, are Blockbuster, American Eagle Outfitters, and Bebe.

Blockbuster (BLOKA) - Blockbuster video and DVD stores have been failing for years. At one time, one of America's most successful companies, Blockbuster didn't see the writing on the wall when the internet hit big. So, by the time they had realized companies like Netflix were offering a much better deal to consumers than Blockbuster was, Blockbuster had opened too many stores and gone into an over-expansion that soon became their death knell.

Of course, they opened their own rent-a-movie service on the internet but it's never managed to capture the consumer base Netflix has. Now, Blockbuster has announced they're closing almost 550 stores nationwide, this after they closed 340 stores last year, in an effort to get a handle on expenses.

Some investors have bought Blockbuster (BLOKA) stock, but Blockbuster has yet to prove they can make a go of it and, in most reports, look like they're still going down to a possible result of 'out'. In the last five years, returns on investment in Blockbuster stock are down over 98% and they've yet to stay long in the positive column this year.

In fact, Blockbuster was recently delisted from the New York Stock Exchange, as Blockbuster stocks are now 'penny stocks'. As a penny stock, you could make money on day trading or short-term trading on Blockbuster stock, but it's as likely to go down as it is to go up, so be careful. Overall, a stock to avoid.

Bebe (BEBE) - I remember when I moved to LA years ago, how popular Bebe clothing was. With t shirts running $75 and more, the company was raking in the money and their expansion to a sportswear store, PH8, was highly trumpeted. Now, just a few years later, even celebrity sex video girl, Kim Kardashian's designs can't save PH8 stores. Bebe has announced they'll be closing all 48 of their PH8 stores in favor of concentrating on their main brand plus the 2b Bebe stores.

While stock prices are currently up on BEBE stock, that may not last. Kim Kardashian is a done deal, and no other celebrity has yet come forward to try to help Bebe back to its former glory. In the last five years, stocks have fallen 75% and stayed down, so a modest upswing of 5% this month probably won't remain. Consider the possible outcomes carefully before investing in Bebe. Right now, it's looking like a company whose stock you might want to avoid.

American Eagle Outfitters(AEO) - Another US company that couldn't keep up with fashion trends is American Eagle Outfitters. Their big downfall though was in copying the designs of Abercrombie & Fitch, (Abercrombie sued them three times), but copying them at a lower quality and with inferior designs.

American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) stock has had a bumpy ride the last five years with long-term returns on investment in AEO almost always in the negative. This month, they're showing a slight rise so far (8%) but, with their track record, it probably won't last. American Eagle Outfitters just announced they're closing 28 Martin + Osa stores as well as putting the shutters up at their online business. Another company that just isn't understanding the power of the internet.

With long-term investment in American Eagle Outfitters over the last five-plus years being a great way to lose money, be careful if you decide to invest in AEO. As of now, it's one to avoid.

Disclaimer - Of course, any of the recommendations I give to consider certain companies stocks are nothing more than my personal opinion, based on what I see in the stock market at the moment. You should always consult with a certified financial advisor before making investments in the stock market and should check up-to-date returns before making any investment decisions. The ultimate decision to invest in, avoid any stock, or sell any stock lies with you, the investor.


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How to make your house Wheelchair accessible. Properly the vital thing to view could be the level that you have.

Ramps by sparktography

So let me outline the plot for you. San Francisco is spending over 700,000 dollars of our hard earned taxes on a ramp. Yes, it's not a new building. It's just a ramp for that amount. I didn't realize wheelchair access had gotten so expensive. Oh wait, it hasn't. When I google wheelchair ramps this is the first sponsored result: Wheelchair Ramps 50% Off - Big Ramp Selection Starting at $29. That took me all of five seconds. Now I realize those super cheap ramps are the ugly metal ones that are not built in. (Although you could bolt them down for a few bucks extra) However this goes to show how grossly overpriced this ramp is. The labor costs were over 200,000 dollars. Over 200,000 dollars. I'm repeating it so you can try to picture that amount. San Francisco could have put around 3 needy kids through college with that.

Now I realize this ramp is in the City Hall and they want it to be historically accurate. Okay, fair enough. I'm sure you can find a history professor more than willing to take a few hours to help out. Oops, we can't even do that. We needed to pay people almost 50,000 dollars for that job. I apologize in advance if my writing becomes incoherent, the longer I type the more infuriated with San Francisco I become. Did the city ever identify other options? Did it for a moment consider how it could lower costs? I do not believe so. Why is that? It's not their money.

If local government officials had to pay out of their own pocket for this then they would not be doing this ridiculous ramp. In these tough economic times where our government is broke, why not have a little fiscal responsibility? Buy a temporary ramp for one hundred dollars and focus on things that matter instead. With 700,000 dollars we could help people who truly need it. The part that really gets me is that city officials have claimed they are glad it won't cost over a million dollars like they originally thought. I am ashamed these people were elected.

handicap ramps programs to adopt a child

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OKCPS Reviews Dress Code After Student Asked To Change T <b>...</b>

Last week, the principal at Wilson Elementary asked 5-year-old Cooper Barton to turn his University of Michigan t-shirt inside-out.

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GOP convention session to be themed &quot;We Built This!&quot; - Fox <b>News</b>

The GOP is turning what some see as a presidential slight aimed at business owners and entrepreneurs into a theme for a night of the Republican National Convention next week, titling Tuesday night&#39;s session “We Built This!

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Stocks together with small price/book proportions or price/earnings percentages. In the past, importance futures include enjoyed increased typical returns in comparison with increase stocks (stocks having higher price/book as well as P/E proportions) in a number of places

Visit and know strategies to get best penny stock picks through stock market trading by dhjh

Just over 20 years ago, mathematician Jim Miekka created The Hindenburg Omen. Nothing to do with the big German airship that burst into flames in the 30s, The Hindenburg Omen is supposed to be a predictor of a stock market crash. It basically says that during a normal period (and there's not much agreement on what period in the NYSE is ever classified as truly 'normal') a large number of stocks may set new annual highs or new annual lows, but at different times. If however this happens at the same time, then this is a good indicator the stock market is going to crash. Thus The Hindenburg Omen.

But, is The Hindenburg Omen something you should be paying attention to? Does it really accurately predict a stock market crash? No, it doesn't. And here's why.

Prediction is Only 24% Accurate - Since The Hindenburg Omen was first triggered back in 1987, it has only been correct 24% of the time. Yes, you read that correctly - less than 1 in 4. Now, as someone who follows the stock market relatively closely, I can give you a prediction the stock market will crash this month with a 50% accuracy rate. Either it will, or it won't. So a predictor like The Hindenburg Omen that's only been correct a handful of times, even though market conditions have triggered it many times, is worse than useless. Any 'expert' on CNN or MSNBC has a better success rate than that.

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy - Of course, every time The Hindenburg Omen is triggered, the market falls. Why? Because investors, who are known to panic and sell quickly at even the smell of bad news, panic and sell quickly. That drags the stock market down until investors who are smarter, buy back in at a lower price, thus almost guaranteeing themselves a hefty profit. With The Hindenburg Omen being triggered four times this month, the stock market has fallen. Will it go back up? Of course it will. It always does.

Recent Hindenburg Omen Triggers - Market conditions have triggered The Hindenburg Omen four times in the last three weeks. Beginning on August 12th, then again on the 20th, 24th and 25th of August. Yet, so far, no stock market crash. Sure, the stock market went down, then went right back up, to go down again and on and on. That's a normal stock market and nothing indicates, as yet, it's anything different that would cause a stock market crash.

The Omen That Cried Wolf - The more times The Hindenburg Omen is triggered, the less effective it is. It's now been triggered four times this month but there's still no stock market crash in sight. The more it does this, the less investors are going to listen, the more they'll buy in and the more useless The Hindenburg Omen is. Finally having the opposite effect of the real 'boy who cried wolf story', as stock market crashes not happening will bolster investor confidence and ensure that they don't.

Polls Show Most Still Invest in Stock Market - Even after The Hindenburg Omen was triggered four times this month, polls still show most investors think it's better putting your money in stocks than in bonds. And many said they weren't going to let something like The Hindenburg Omen stop them from investing in the stock market. Now they are the smart investors.


The HIndenburg Omen is seen: Will a stock market crash follow? - Daily Finance

What exactly is The Hindenburg Omen? - CNBC (with video analysis)

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Local <b>news</b> sites form new trade association : CJR

Next month, at the annual Block by Block conference for local news sites, around 100 independent publishers will celebrate the launch of a new nonprofit trade group that will offer support for the growing hyperlocal news ...

Local <b>news</b> sites form new trade association : CJR

Chocolate Benefits: Research Suggests Sweet Can Help Blood <b>...</b>

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Chocolate Benefits: Research Suggests Sweet Can Help Blood <b>...</b>

Understanding infertility in cows could shed light on humans&#39; too - Kplu

News for Seattle and the Northwest · Your MoneyWorth the deal? Groceries get a personalized price · Education Three Wash. Head Start programs on the ropes · Obituary Tuskegee airman G. Hickman dies in Seattle at 88 ...

Understanding infertility in cows could shed light on humans&#39; too - Kplu

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What exactly is this Stock market? It can be a good prepared process exactly where anyone in addition to anyone can certainly both buy or even promote their own stocks or maybe shares

Stock and Bond Investing - Risks and Advantages  by businesspictures

This article on how to manage a stock portfolio for beginners contains; research tips, important points in managing a portfolio, rules to trade by, recommended online brokers, and a checklist to follow for beginning investors at the end of the article. - Many investors choose to have a financial advisor to handle their stock and investment portfolio. As a financial advisor in training I would agree to this statement only because I would want your business. No investor needs a financial advisor. If you have over a hundred thousand dollars and would like to get involved in investing you should definitely seek some professional advice to protect your money. If you are an average working man/woman then you should try investing on your own. Anyone over the age of 18 can trade stock, and should. I have learned many valuable lessons (such as patience) through investing. Anyone can manage a stock portfolio. Anyone can drive a car also, but it doesn't mean you won't hit a tree or slide off of the road every once in a while. Successful investing takes discipline, skill, money, and lots and lots of research.

Best Places for Research (Free)
Practice makes perfect. Research and "mock" investing are the best ways to make sure you are headed in the right direction. Mock investing is fun and can lead to success in the actual stock market. Mock investing with research is the best "training" you can get to succeed. Don't underestimate the value of practicing before you take the plunge into actual investments. Here are two great free places to get started researching and mock investing.
Yahoo Finance is my favorite place to create mock portfolios and track their performance. This is a good way to start before you invest actual money. You can enter in purchase prices of stocks and track your gains or losses. Yahoo provides free charts, company information, and more.

Motley Fool Caps
The place where the voice of the people reins king. User's rate stocks, give recommendations, and explain why the stock will soar or fall. A good place to find stocks to watch is the top rated section of Motley Fool Caps. I have found several solid companies from user recommendations. This site also allows a user to create a portfolio and tracks performance. You can compete in contests against all of the other users and their stock selections.

Invest Online
In the internet brokerage world it is very easy to setup an account, transfer funds, and purchase a portfolio worth of stock in a matter of days if not hours(2 recommendations for online brokers are located near the end of the article). After choosing an online stock broker you have the task of transferring money to your account which is extremely simple. Automatic transfers, direct deposit from your employer, and mailing a check are a few of the many options to fund your portfolio.

Important Points in Managing a Stock Portfolio

Learn How to Read Financial Statements
A very important part of researching companies to invest in is to read their financial statements. This seems like a long and boring task when all you want to do is get in the action and make some trades, but is necessary to become a successful investor. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) provides a lot of information on it's website to beginning investors. There is a great article on Beginners' Guide to Financial Statements that gives a beginner a good understanding of financial statements and how to read them.

Track Company News & Earnings Reports
As a parent is concerned with his/her children's report card grades, an investor should be as concerned and interested in company news and earnings reports of stocks they hold. A piece of good news or bad news can change your entire investment within minutes. On yahoo finance you can set alerts for any news that comes out about one of your company's stock. Much like reading financial statements, learning what to make of earnings reports is not easy but very important. Here is a great article on how earnings reports are important, how they work, and how to read them.

Set Goals
Most investors don't enter the market for pure fun. Whether you're investing for your children's college fund or a new set of golf clubs write out your goals. If you are constantly reminded of why you are investing it will help keep your thoughts focused on your goals. It is good to set monthly and yearly goals. A goal I try to set for myself is to earn over 10% a year, which is considered to be the average return of stock investing.

Don't Repeat Mistakes
When I first started investing I focused my research and money on penny stocks. I now know that penny stocks are the most unpredictable investment (more like high stakes gambling). Investing in penny stocks in the world of financial investments is similar to playing Russian Roulette at your family board game night. Several trades into penny stock investing I quickly learned my lesson and lost my money.

The key to anything in life is learning from your mistakes. A good thing to do is keep a log of the bad investment choices and the good ones and refer to this oftern before making your next stock purchase. Even the best of us mistakes, but the best do not make the same mistakes again.

Get Over the Woulda Shoulda Coulda's
This is one that I am not personally capable of. Every day I think of opportunities missed and mistakes that cannot be reversed. The one that always gets me is Jones Soda (JSDA). I first purchased shares of JSDA at .25 a share. I put just $500 in the stock as I knew it was risky. Nearly a year later I sold all of my shares at $3 making a nice profit of $5500! There was no logical reason to sell but I did. A year and a half later the stock peaked at $30 a share!!! Its hard dealing with the fact that I missed out on $60,000 but it is something that is important to forget so you can move on and find the next great investment. Also this is a one in a million shot as most penny stocks fail and not flourish such as Jones Soda. Focus your regret on your research and not on "what if".

Rules to Trade By

You know the saying "don't put all of your eggs in one basket". This rule applies heavily to investing. You want to invest in different sectors, different capitals (Large caps, small caps, etc.), and in different countries. A good plan is to find the top performing companies in each sector, country, and capital to track in a mock portfolio. Diversifying is important because at any given time a sector, or country can take a substantial hit that could severely damage your portfolio. An extreme example would be if you only owned oil companies and the world ran out of oil. If America is in a recession then focus in thriving countries around the world. Many companies from other countries are traded publicly in U.S. exchanges. You most certainly don't need one stock in every sector and/or country, but a decent mix will prove to be beneficial to your portfolio's value.

Think Long Term
If you are investing in stocks to become instantly rich, then you will soon learn that this is not an easy task. Even the best company's stock can suffer during a recession. Investing long term will help to balance out the bad times with the good times. Don't buy a stock because it will go up today, buy a stock because it will succeed over the next 10 years. If you think long term when making your selections, you are already ahead of most beginning investors.

Start with Large "Blue-Chip" Companies
The smaller the price the more volatile. If the price of a stock is low, that doesn't mean it's cheap, it means it's risky. Start with larger companies whose price is usually around $40-100 a share. There are exceptions to every rule and there are many small cap stocks that will skyrocket. But as you are beginning to learn the stock market, stick with the more established and hopefully stable companies.

Set Stop Loss
Unless you are investing with a very small and forgettable amount of money, you want to protect your equity. A good way to protect yourself from losing most or all of your investment is to set a stop loss. You should set a stop loss at a point where you would be losing 15-20% of your total investment. Although it is very important to invest for the long term and keep your money in your investments, a loss has to stop somewhere. I have had positions fall 60% in the matter of a week or two simply because I did not set a stop-loss. Then I face the tough challenge of whether to hold on and pray that it rebounds or sell and take a substantial loss.

Example: You buy Visa (V) at $75 a share. $75 divided by 1.15 (15 percent) is $65. In your portfolio next to the listing of Visa stock you would click on sell. When the sell screen comes up make sure to select sell limit (some brokers have a selection that says stop-loss, others don't). Once under sell limit you would simply enter $65. The trade will not happen unless Visa went under $65. The reason you want to do this is to protect your money in case of a major sell-off in that companies stock.

Don't Get Trigger Happy
My biggest problem when starting an investment portfolio at the age of 18 was making rash decisions and then changing my mind soon after making them. It got to the point where it didn't matter how good my trades were, my fees from excessive trades were more than I would ever make from stock performance.

Keep your positions to 20 or less to start with-
It is important to put a cap on your active positions. A good number for a portfolio is between 15-20 stocks. The 15-20 does not include mutual funds or ETF's that you may be holding for decades and do not actively watch. The stocks in your portfolio should be monitored often, and because of this it is important to limit your investments.

Recommended Online Brokers for Beginners

An online broker is the way to go. Stock investing online is cheap and simple. Actual brokers can charge upwards of $50 a trade. Online brokers leave most of the research and work up to you but offer easy simple trading at a very affordable price. Here are the two best online brokers for beginners based on my experience.

Scottrade- $500 account minimum is lower than average, $7 market trades. Scottrade has very good customer service and offices in most states where you are assigned a representative who can help you with any issues or concerns.

Sharebuilder- The best site for beginners hands down. No minimums and you can invest for only $4 a trade if you use the automatic investment plan. You can invest a certain amount in an investment instead of a certain number of shares. Depending on how you invest there are fees monthly or yearly.

- Research first. You need to spend a significant amount of time researching stock trends, charts, and financial statements before investing.
- Mock trade. Set up a Yahoo Finance account, and create a portfolio and track the performance of stocks you pick.
- Set up an online broker account ( Scottrade, Sharebuilder, etc.) Research fees, trade limits, etc.
- Transfer money into account (Start with between $1000-5000 if available, until you get your feet wet)
- Research More! Check out ratings of companies on different financial websites. If you are sold on a company, try to find reasons it will fail. If you cannot find reasons it will fail then you may just have something.
- Start investing. Make a few trades and track them closely. If you make a few dollars, don't get excited get cautious and protect your investments with stop-loss trades.
- Monitor stocks at least twice a week, track news.
- Hold your positions. Don't profit-take unless there is something that warrants it. If negative company information is revealed, then protecting your equity by selling your stock is the right thing to do. Just be careful of selling your stock for no reason.

Now get started, have fun, and learn from your mistakes. The stock market can be overwhelming and has crippled many egos. Do your research and know why you are investing in a company before you hit the "finalize trade" button.











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How Essential Is the Stock options trading Method Inside Expenditure?

stock market online game by b.tzachi

Best to sit out a correction in cash, especially if you've booked sizable gains from last year's rally. Other sensible moves include:

1) Protect your gains. There is no conceivable reason to watch them disappear. You can either sell outright or put tight stops under your holdings.

2) Cut your losses. There is even less reason to sit and watch your losses deepen. If you bought too late, don't let hope or pride of opinion get in the way. Admit that your timing was off and exit while the pain is still minor.

3) Don't rush back in too soon. The big guys need liquidity to sell. Every known trick will be employed to lure you back into the market and sell you overpriced merchandise, from pundits' calls for action to sharp counter-rallies.

4) Don't try to beat the market and find stocks that you think will go up while the market is going down. They are sure to be there but your odds of finding and riding them up are not good. Keep your powder dry. There will be another day. If you let the market jerk you around, you will be too bruised and exhausted by the time you should be getting back in.

5) Don't chase fallen zoomers because they appear cheap. Few ever come back. You may analyze their moves but will be better off finding fresh new names going forward.

6) Corrections also help determine who your friends are going forward: stocks that suffer the least damage are usually more likely to fare well in the next upturn.

7) Corrections reset bases and give new zoomers time to emerge. Look for new themes.

8) Analyze your past trades. This is the only way to learn, and the best time to do it is when you are out of the market.

9) Relax. Take a break. Read a book on stock trading, spend time with your family, start that home project you've been putting off.

10) Watch for signs of the correction ending. Corrections end when new leaders begin to emerge, not the other way round. Investors who rush back into the market too soon and get burned are usually the same ones who are too late to join the rally. Early zoomers produce the biggest gains. You don't know when the next move up will start but you must be there to recognize and take full advantage of it.

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Appliance Repair For Every Room In The House Appliance Repair Companies For Your Just about every Appliances

Appliance Repair in HIGHLAND, MI by appliancehub

There are many instances where common household appliances malfunction. Our first impulse is often to call a repair service and pay whatever it costs to have things working correctly again. However, in MANY instances, an untrained person can effectively diagnose and repair the problem, saving cash and the aggravation of waiting, waiting and waiting some more for that repair person to come.

Among some of the more common problems experienced and their often likely causes and solutions are the following:

The garbage disposal unit mounted under the kitchen sink jams, stalls or simply does not respond to the power switch being turned on. Sometimes with a hum and sometimes in silence.

There are at least three common causes that can be checked and repaired by a non-professional. These include 1) Something is jammed under or between the cutting blades. In this case, with the switch turned OFF, reach into the drain and try turning the blade(s) by hand. Remove anything that seems stuck inside. This is especially common with folks who are not accustomed to having a Garbage Disposal and have put something into it that it can't 'digest,' like celery, for example. 2) Like a computer and most other electronic devices, things sometimes need to be simply reset. On every Garbage Disposal unit, there is a "Reset" button. Again, with the power turned OFF, push it and hold it in for a few seconds, then turn the power back on and try it again. 3) Sometimes, for reasons I do not understand, the blades inside the Garbage Disposal seem to simply tighten themselves up so that they do not respond to the ON switch. This dilemma can be easily solved by inserting a socket wrench into the drain the size of the tightening bolt that secures the blades and giving it a twist.

I would estimate, based on many years of trying-to-solve-it-myself and then watching professionals do what they do experience that in about 8 out of ten times, options 1,2 or 3 will solve the problem. If these don't work, you probably need a new unit because they are, generally, the same strategies used by the person whop comes to your house and charges you upwards of $60. an hour to do for you.

The furnace does not respond to the thermostat settings and seems to have developed a mind of it's own going off and on ... more often off when you really need it on cold evenings.

Modern furnaces are reasonable complex machines often combining elements reliant on both natural gas and electricity. Ordinarily they are connected by wiring older than the unit itself to a thermostat that may have been replaced many times over the years. An electrician is apt to diagnose any problem with the heating system as being electrical. The furnace mechanic is more apt to see it as related to the heating unit itself. When it isn't working right, especially in winter, we may overlook some of the more common causes of furnace malfunction.

Two things are best checked before calling in either type of repair person. 1) Check the filters. Filters that have gone for a bit too long without being changed (especially including the one placed in the cold air exchange vent, if your system has one) can restrict the flow of needed air to the furnace to a degree that built-in safety shut-downs (pressure and safety switches, primarily) do what they are supposed to do and, presto, you have no heat.

The second thing to check, again because electricity is involved, is the old electric switch 'rebooting' gambit. Behind or next to every furnace that uses electricity for any of its functions, there is an accessible wall switch. Try turning it off for ten to fifteen seconds, and then turn it back on. This may do the trick just as rebooting a computer often 'repairs' slowdowns, freezes and other seemingly inexplicable problems.

The refrigerator is suddenly making a lot of noise and seems to be having a harder time keeping both refrigerator and freezer sections at the desired low temperatures.

Because refrigerators are big and heavy, most consumers never move them once they are delivered, installed, plugged in and filled with food. This is a mistake. Dust can collect and accumulate to a degree that will cause the above symptoms in two areas. Check 1) Under the refrigerator for accumulated schmootz as well as 2) behind it to the degree that the area is accessible.

Again, when working inside ANY electronic appliance, be sure to unplug it first! Dust covered areas that block the circulation of needed air can and do have a similar impact on the refrigerator that a clogged filter does on a furnace - with one important exception. With the modern furnace, safety switches will power it off. With refrigerators, the compressors wind up working harder to achieve the desired temperatures. That is where the louder noise you hear is coming from it trying to do its job and if you let the problem go on for too long, the compressor WILL burn out and cause a hefty repair or replacement bill.

I cannot overemphasize the consequences of allowing filters or vents to become clogged. This would apply to the exhaust vents on clothes driers as well. Cleaning out an accessible vent costs nothing. Replacing a common filter cost a few dollars. A repair call can dent your budget substantially.

Try not to overlook the obvious and simple. You may be able to save yourself quite a bit of money while concurrently raising your own pride in your ability to take care of things in your home yourself.

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It's not quite as good as getting the keynote slot, which will instead go to San Antonio mayor Julian Castro, but for Republicans, it's pretty darned close to perfect. Democrats gave Elizabeth Warren the prime-time slot just ...

Great <b>news</b>: Author of “You didn&#39;t build that” gets prime-time slot at <b>...</b>

The Daily Lays Off a Third of Its Staff - AllThingsD

News Corp. officials have publicly defended The Daily, which News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch thought would serve as a template for newspapers' transition to the tablet era. Murdoch's team worked closely with Apple and its ...

The Daily Lays Off a Third of Its Staff - AllThingsD

PaidContent Founder Rafat Ali Launches Travel <b>News</b> Site Skift <b>...</b>

Billy previously worked at The Stanford Daily for two volumes as a managing editor of news. He has also worked in sports and staff development at The Daily. In March of 2012 the Friends of The Stanford Daily awarded him.

PaidContent Founder Rafat Ali Launches Travel <b>News</b> Site Skift <b>...</b>