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Your Website's No Good If No One Sees It

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Learn how one small business SEO Strategist unfolds 25 search engine optimization (SEO) blunders that trip up even the most savvy webmasters. Everyone is trying to figure out how to create a presence on the Internet. It's easier than you think, But, ONLY if you know small business SEO strategies.

Only a small percentage of people really know how to optimize their Web site to get more visitors. Most others end up disappointed, frustrated, rejected, and hopeless. How many small business owners do you know that's not looking for small business SEO strategies to improve their search engine ranking. From Paul the plumber to Daniel the doctor... now have a website that they would love to have more visitors come by.

In today's economic environment if you aren't online you're more than likely on your way to get in line... that's the "soup line", I may add. Everybody from doctors to big time contractors are penny-pinching . Regardless to how difficult SEO may seem, it doesn't take a Harvard grad to understand that to appear on the first page of Google is critical to your online marketing success. Fortunately, we have twenty-five simple yet sure-fire small business SEO pathways that will help youimprove website traffic.

Here are 25 SEO tips that your SEO specialist may or may not think to tell you.

#1. Don't choose a tongue-twisting, hard to spell domain name. You know what I mean. Some people have the unprofitable knack to come up with a name that sounds out of this world. However, no one can spell it, pronounce it, yet worst remember it.

#2. If at all possible keep your domain name short. If it's a long one make sure it's something a person can easily remember.

#3. Your domain name should either be a brand or it should tell your customer what your service or product is about. Example: Bad domain Good domain name...

It obvious to see the noticeable difference right away. gives their visitors and
search engines NO earthy hint as to what the site is about. Of course is about guess, BABY Food. Search engines and visitors know exactly what the site is about just from the url.

#4. Use a (dot) com versus a (dot) net. People will always think of (dot) com first.

#5. If you have a really long domain name be sure to break it up with hypens -

#6. When deciding on a domain name incorporate a keyword. Better yet, if your url is a keyword, it will help you to rank better for your search term.
Example: http:// www.

#7. Either create your domain name from your product or service name or from your problem or solution.

Best SEO Tips

#8. Pick the least competitive keywords. Now you can choose the most competitive keywords, if you're Bill Gates heirs. Example if you are trying to rank with a new soft-drink and you are trying to go against Pepsi and will need some long dollars.

#9.Do keyword research before you start your project. Remember this, it doesn't make a difference how beautiful your website will be..if you don't do your due diligence. Because if you don't properly do keyword research, your site will never be seen. It like having a store in the middle of the Sahara Desert.

#10. Find at least 10-15 keywords that will properly represent your business. You don't need a hundred keywords.

#11. Don't keyword stuff your content. That means don't place a thousand keywords into a hundred word article. Google don't play that.

#12. Don't consecutively repeat keywords.

#13. When writing your articles only emphasize your keyword once. Example: your keyword is search engine...only highlight or bold search engine once within your article.

#14. Each article or page should have only one main or primary keyword.

#15. Always place your keyword /s in your title.

#16. Be sure to keep your titles short. Try not to have any more than 11-13 words in your title.

#17. If you can, place your keywords close to the beginning of your title.

#18. Place your keyword twice in the first paragraph.

#19. After the first paragraph, place your keywords sporadically throughout the article naturally.

#20. Do add some secondary keywords. However, use them only once each.

#21.In your tag be sure to place your primary keyword there.

#22. In your tag - be sure to place your primary and secondary keywords there, along with any location modifiers.

#23. Don't over-stuff your description tag - one hundred and fifty characters is enough to drive home your point. Some search engines only allow that many characters to show up in the query

#24. In your tag -only place the keywords that will be contained in your content. All other keywords are irrelevant.

#25.Don't forget your tags. They will help you to rank higher in the search engines or search results.

looking to increase web traffic?

There you are 25 SEO small business vital suggestions that will place you light years ahead of your competitors. If we didn't learn anything else from the (2008)Presidential election, whether you agree with President Obama or not... he has taught us all one thing. That is, you won't stay competitive without incorporating technology into your business affairs. (The internet is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity.)

But there is one problem... who to believe. You have no clue who to trust. You can waste an enormous amount of energy and the most precious commodity...time... hoping to stumble across accurate information. The last thing you want to do is read 50 more time-wasting e books, and sign-up for 75 more e-zines which succeed in driving you more into a haze of confusion. Try these 25 small business SEO specialist tactics, and if they don't work you can always go back to what you know that hasn't improved your web traffic as of yet.

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Search engine optimization aims to attain the goal of getting more visitors to a website by helping it get higher rankings in the various search engines. This simply means that s.e. optimization's goal is to produce a web site appear on the first pages, if not the very first page of a search done through the s.e..

You will find two approaches to be able to get noticed by search engines. One is through pay-per-click-advertisements. An illustration of this a pay-per-click system that is used by search-engines could be the Google Adwords system. It has created a hype and has given Google around 5 billion dollars with regards to revenue per year. Webmasters can place their bids to be shown whenever a keyword is searched with a surfer. The highest bidders will get their sites to look first when the search has been done. The next method of getting high rankings from search engines is through organic searches. Search-engines evaluate internet sites by using what they call “ spiders. ” These programs scan the websites and collects details about them. Then they collate the info and pass it about the search engine. This area is primarily the key arena of search engine optimization. It utilizes a set of techniques to be capable of geting search-engines to list the web site on high ranks.

The key intent behind search engine marketing is always to increase the traffic generated by way of a web site. Internet sites are made to be seen by Internet surfers and search engines will help it accomplish this goal.

The energy of the
shouldn't be underestimated. It is one of the blocks of the foundation of the Internet. A survey showed that 90% of most Online users employ search-engines to assist them within their Internet-related activities. Google, the dominant player in the s.e. industry, generates 70% of all search-related Internet activity.

People and Search engines are alike

Search engines

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It also features articles about online marketing and web site promotions. It's really a one stop-site for Search engine optimization and a whole lot more related topics. The website can also be user-friendly, is simple to navigate and allows user interaction.

Most of the topics available at the web site would be invaluable to e marketers/telemarketers, internet site consultants and bloggers who want to optimize their se's.

Topics like "Boost your ratings with Pagerank Sculpting", "Consider work browsing Engine Marketing" and "Why SEO is important for your Web Site" and many more - are just several of use SEO topics in the website.

3. SearchEngineChannel

Some of the significant articles are: "Social Media as well as your Search engine marketing Strategy" and "Small Business SEO - 5 Top Search engine optimization Tips".

It's a blog which has SEO articles as its featured posts: "31 Days to Building a Better Web log, Seo " and "Google Optimization Secrets From the Trenches" are two of the very helpful articles.

5. S.e. Genie: Magician for Web business

There are numerous topics featured in this website and the articles about SEO must certanly be read by everyone who would like to optimize her/his s.e..

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