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Handling Home Appliance Repair Like A Pro With These Tips

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When I bought my first washer and dryer it was to replace the older equipment in my first home and as a single woman I didn't need a large washer or dryer. When my husband and I moved, our new home didn't have a washer and dryer, so we took them with us. The washer and dryer were purchased from Eagle hardware, which is now Lowe's in Tukwila. I had them for at least fifteen years before my husband and I finally replaced them with larger Kenmore models from Sears. In that time, my dryer needed repairs twice because of a loud squeaking noise that complained as the clothes dried.

I called the Appliance Repairman, located at 11921 SE 212th PL, Kent, WA, (253) 630-9924,

because they were listed toward the front of the phone book and also because they were quite close to my home in Renton. On both occasions that I needed the Appliance Repairman's washer repair and dryer repair, I was quite satisfied with the service provided and the amounts I was charged.

When I called the Appliance Repairman's office, the phone call was answered promptly and I received an appointment for the next day. They gave me a two-hour slot when they'd likely arrive and showed up on time. This was wonderful. I never had to wait around wishing I could skip out and catch lunch. They notified me that they'd have to charge a fifty dollar minimum home service call charge the first time, and a thirty-dollar minimum minimum home service call charge the second time. In both cases the work required totaled more than the minimum charge so I only paid for parts and labor.

The dryer repair job that the Appliance Repairman performed involved lubing the glides, soler pulley and rear drum bearings for a cost of $76. Six years later, the dryer repair job that the Appliance Repairman performed was a transmission replacement totaling $200. The dryer repair work was needed because the transmission was leaking oil. In both cases the dryer repair solved the noise. The Appliance Repairman had all of the parts and tools needed to do the job in his van.

After completing the dryer repair, both times the Appliance Repairman didn't need to do a washer repair. The washer repair work he did was simply to do a quick check that no work was needed. I found the Appliance Repairman quite knowledgeable, helpful and professional and when the new washer and dryer break down, I'll be sure to call him.

Other Washer Repair and Dryer Repair for the Kent Easthill area includes:

Appliance Pro Repair 253) 854-6066 Rated Five Stars at Yahoo!Local

Rob's Appliance and Refridg 13103 SE Renton Maple Valley Rd, Renton, WA98058 (425) 271-9382

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