Friday, February 26, 2010

Wendy's Franchise

The Burger king Whopper Versus the Wendy's Classic Single. Which is the Real king of burgers? (part 3)
By: Richard J. Sepulveda

The journey I have undertaken with this series of articles has been a long and fattening one. But I have chosen to put my own well being and waste-line at great personal risk to finally answer the question "whose burgers are the best?" In my first article the Big Mac of MacDonalds could not stand up to the awesome flame-grilled goodness of the Burger king Whopper. In my second article White Castles superior numbers fell to the awesome wrapper and choices of the Wendy's Classic Single. This my last article will attempt to crown finally and forever to true king of burgers. It's the Burger King Whopper taking on the Wendy's Classic Single.

On my return trip to Burger king I ordered two sandwiches one regular Whopper consisting of: A quarter pound flame grilled beef, Mayonnaise, Lettuce, Tomato, Sliced onions, Pickles, ketchup on a sesame seed bun. The second sandwich was a personalized Whopper which is roughly the same as a standard whopper minus the Mayonnaise. I slowly but surely devoured both sandwiches, and talk about hitting the spot! I strongly recommend you picking up some Whoppers if you ever feel your tummy rumbling. No question if your hungry a Whopper will definitely do the trick just smelling them cook is enough to make ones mouth water with anticipation. Although a single Whopper should be enough for a normal person consisting of 760 calories but for a seasoned veteran of fast food like myself I can handle two of them.

Now its not wise to overplay ones had and consume four sandwiches without some buffer time in between sittings. So after letting the Whoppers get absorbed into my blood stream for a few hours, I hopped into my car and headed for the nearest Wendy's drive through. There I ordered a Wendy's Classic Single made the standard way and a Classic Single personalized to my liking. The standard Classic Single is composed of: a square beef patty, Lettuce, Sliced Onions, Pickles, Tomato slices and ketchup. It is accompanied by a smaller calorie count then the Whopper. 430 calories a sandwich. Next I ordered a personalized Single which is the roughly the same as the standard minus Lettuce. Then I parked and fell into Wendy's heaven.

When I awoke in the Wendy's parking lot some two hours later. I my mind and my stomach had come to a final decision. And as implied by the franchise name Burger king is the king of all burgers. The Whopper is filling, delicious, and oh so personable. While the Wendy's Classic Single put up a good fight with its convenient and its calorie count. The Whopper is just too damn good to not take the title of the king of all burgers. Flame grilled like straight off the labor day BBQ grill, The Whopper is the definition of the word burger and its freedom to choose its toppings is a reflection of the liberty country where it was born. ALL HAIL THE KING OF BURGERS FROM THE BURGER KING! AND ALL PRAISE TO THE FAST FOOD GODS THAT BROUGHT THIS SANDWICH TO THE STOMACHS OF HUNGRY AMERICANS EVERYWHERE! I would not put down any of the sandwiches I sampled throughout this competition all of them could have easily taken the title. I strongly stress that if any reader has the time the money and the waste-line to spare that they embark on a similar journey for themselves. Because although I feel I have adequately put a close to the "best burger" debate, the truth is that its all very individual. I am sure there are many people that hate the flame grilled taste of the burger king burger and would say that MacDonalds makes the better sandwich. Still I am sure to catch some flak from my White Castle loving friends who can take down the tiny burgers in sacks of ten or twenty in a single sitting. One thing is most definitely certain though as long as there is a nation known as America the hamburger wether from Burger king or MacDonalds, wether from Wendy's or White Castle will be permanently cooked into our hearts and in our bellies will they dwell always.

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